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    Our beloved nation is sharply divided along ethnic, political and religious lines. Various effort towards denying or underplaying its negative effects only tend to deepen and aggravate such division. Project OneNation seeks to mobilize youth from all nooks and crannies of our nation towards genuine patriotism. While recognizing our differences, we must work together to promote a higher sense of uncommon national unity so we can achieve collective progress. The youth must stand together to make Nigeria first always. Participants are challenged to demonstrate authentic patriotism.


    The majority of youths today are left to themselves and as such do not have carefully chosen role models to look up to. They do not have mentors to groom the as they grow into adults and as such, they end up imbibing a lot of garbage along the way. The Mentorship Masterclass aims to galvanize youth to be more systematic and deliberate in living lives that are purpose driven and value centered. Participants are coached on subjects like Decision making, Self Esteem Building, Goal setting and other life skills. Sessions are facilitated by RYN staff and selected volunteers who are proven role models. The last edition was held in Benin on 11th June 2016.


    Success is a universal citizen. It has no respect for colour, race and geographical location. Everyone is created and uniquely designed to succeed and excel: there are no exceptions! So why do people fail? Why do so many undermine their potentials and live ordinary lives bedeviled by failure and lack of purpose? Success Boulevard is specially packaged to re-calibrate the success DNA in every youth for unstoppable and unlimited success in all life’s endeavors. Participants are exposed to tested and proven principle of success and also equipped with knowledge, tools and skills to live purposefully.

    You can join us in Orogun Delta State, Nigeria. On 3rd September, 2016.  for the next edition. Emonu Town Hall, Emonu- Orogun, Ughelli North L.G.A Delta State Nigeria. Time: 10 am Prompt. Online Application on-going. For Seat Reservation.  Click Here to apply


    About 70% of women/girls in Nigeria live below the poverty line. According to an earlier UNICEF report on the Nigeria situation, the majority of Nigerians are poor with 71 per cent of the population living on less than one dollar a day and 92 per cent on less than two dollars a day.

    The SkillUp Women And Girls (S.W.A.G) Project is an initiative of Royal Youth Networks that seeks to empower ONE Million women and girls with transferable hands-on skills required to make a living as well as grow their capacities to become successful entrepreneurs. It is open to women and girls aged 15-45 years.

    The S.W.A.G Project will equally be a platform to further RYN’s campaigns on the importance and benefits of skill acquisition and the creative use of talents and skills to boost economic growth, create sustainable wealth, develop society and reduce unemployment.

    Some of the Skill Areas that the project will focus on include the following:

    • Ankara Craft
    • Knitting/Weaving
    • Cakes/Snacks Making
    • Interior Decoration
    • Soap Making
    • Zobo/Kunu Drinks Production
    • Fashion Design
    • Beads Craft

    Watch out for the next edition of our training in a city close to you. 


    All great businesses start as an idea. Some ideas, however never get acted upon and others who take steps towards starting a business are faced with multiple fears and challenges. Also, new businesses need support to be able to weather the storm that usually blows away over 50% of new business within their first five years. The Business Day-Out is designed for variety of persons at or close to the start-up phase of their businesses. Aspiring entrepreneurs, intending start-ups and new business owners get the opportunities to interact with experienced and established business owners and other relevant stakeholders to ensure their dreams and aspirations are actualized. Back to top