Royal Youth Networks recently launched the SWAG (Skill-up Women And Girls) Project as part of efforts to improve the quality of life of our women and girls. Our goal is to empower 1 million women and girls over the next few years through practical hands-on skills acquisition training. We have identified a few skill areas and our immediate focus is on easily transferable skills that require minimum startup capital.

In this second edition, we will focus on 3 different skill areas. Participants will have the chance to:

  1. Acquire practical hands-on skills in any or all 3 skill areas
  2. Learn how to run and manage their businesses profitably as well as secure needed finances for their businesses
  3. Interact with a Family Life Practitioner and mentor to enable them find the perfect work-family-life-business balance.
  4. Meet other people with similar interests and form new partnerships for future networking and business development.

Join us in Lagos on October 7th & 8th, 2016 as we empower a new generation of Africa’s business leaders.


Please click here to register online or call 09080281150.


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