Success Boulevard

Success is a universal citizen. It has no respect for colour, race and geographical location.
Everyone is created and uniquely designed to succeed and excel: there are no exceptions! So why do people fail? Why do so many undermine their potentials and live ordinary lives bedeviled by failure and lack of purpose?

Success Boulevard is specially packaged to re-calibrate the success DNA in every youth for unstoppable and unlimited success in all life’s endeavors. Participants are exposed to tested and proven principle of success and also equipped with knowledge, tools and skills to live purposefully.

The Youth Enterprise Development Training is synonymous with Success Boulevard and describes the components of the program that focuses on promoting and developing youth entrepreneurship. Facilitators are drawn from various thriving business owners and seasoned entrepreneurs, with the aim of sharing practical life experiences and stimulating possibilities and creative thinking.

You can join us in Orogun Delta State, Nigeria. On 3rd September, 2016.  for the next edition. Emonu Town Hall, Emonu- Orogun, Ughelli North L.G.A Delta State Nigeria. Time: 10 am Prompt.