The Royalty Pledge was created by RYN as part of efforts to consolidate the learning outcomes of participants in our various programmes. We encourage you to place your right hand on your chest as you recite the Royalty Pledge below:


I come from ROYALTY, carefully and specially designed by The Creator for a unique purpose. Upon the face of the earth, there is no one exactly like me. There has never been anyone like me, neither will there be anyone like me in the future.

I am UNIQUE, and so is my purpose. I have been divinely equipped to make a difference on the face of the earth. I am not here by chance, I will make my mark in the sands of time. The challenges that I face are only a proof of the relevance of my purpose.

I am ROYALTY, made in the image and likeness of The Creator of everything. I am endowed with CREATIVE abilities and I have what it takes to make the world a better place. There are needs I am born to meet; there are gaps I am born to fill. I will not fail.

I am ROYALTY, and from this day I pledge to demonstrate:

R – Resilience and determination in the pursuit of purpose. I will neither let up nor give up.

O – Originality in thoughts and actions. I will task my creative mind and do my very best.

Y – Youthfulness, and commit my energy to the fulfillment of my purpose.

A – Accountability in all I say and do. I will be accountable to God and country.

L – Leadership at all times. I will take responsibility for my actions and in-actions.

T – Truthfulness, Trustworthiness and Timeliness as a way of life.

Y – Yearning and passion for positive change.

I AM ROYALTY, and thus have I pledged. So help me God!

The Royalty Pledge